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Hi I’m Greg and I’m a kiwi living in beautiful New Zealand with my wife Kirsten and three children Luke, Noah and Arabella.

Ever since I was a child I knew that my journey in life would be based around serving others through consciousness and wellbeing. Although it took me 45 years to eventually work in this space, the understanding that our thoughts and actions create our reality became so evidentially clear.

“We’re born to be creators; if we weren’t creating, we wouldn’t exist”

After years of owning and running traditional businesses, nothing I did seemed to support what I truly wanted to do. I wanted to guide men and women to choose their true purpose in life, live a life they love and live free from negative emotions.

We have 6 main sabotaging beliefs that don’t serve us. These beliefs take hold in our first years of life and then we take them through into our teens and adulthood.

These are:

  • I’m NOT good enough
  • I’m NOT worthy
  • I’m NOT significant
  • I DON’T belong
  • I’m NOT capable
  • I’m NOT perfect

For me personally, mine was, ‘I don’t belong‘. This unserving identity would turn up at every social function I went to. I had a little voice in my head saying, “What are you doing here, you don’t belong here”. With my extrovert personality I chose to bury these feelings and emotions.

By using this evolutionary process I’ve been able to completely turn my life around. I now have the confidence to walk into any room and I no longer suffer with anxious feelings or negative emotions. I also used this process for creating a TV show that I was asked to host, which I did with complete ease. Prior to this work, I would definitely would have said no.

After four years of self discovery I can now share with you that I’m a certified conscious creator coach, creating a life I love. I am now able to guide and teach others to be their own true predominant creative force, which is our true purpose in this life, free from unserving identities.

I look forward to working with you in guiding you to create a life you will love.

Greg Jones

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