Discover and Become Certified In The Most Powerful Healing Modality  That Removes Pain In Minutes With Certified Creation Coach Greg Jones.

The reality is every pain has energy attached to it, otherwise we wouldn't feel it. It's the body's response to letting you know it needs to be released/healed. Once we move our focus from pain to a healthier body, the body simple corrects itself.  Just like a cut heals on your finger, healing has a process. Once we tap into the power of that process, the healing magic happens.

Our bodies are designed to heal ourselves, science proves this. I've used this powerful modality to heal people with arthritis; sports injuries and muscle damage; blocked body chakras which causes you to have low energy and self esteem; back, neck and body pain.

Join me for a two day workshop and get certified in this new science backed, healing process that is natural, fast and fun.

If you're a Reiki Master or interested in Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture or Massage and are wanting to add this powerful modality to your tool box; or maybe you've always been interested in this field and are wanting to start your own business, this Certification is definitely for you.

What You Will Receive:

2 Day Live Training Workshop ($995.00)

4 x 1-on-1 Private Coaching Sessions ($1,000)

Online Video Programme With Lifetime Access ($1495.00)

Monthly Q & A Calls ($1995)

Learn Intuition and Structure ($995.00)

Learn The Powerful 21 Frequencies (unlimited value)

2-Point Workbook ($795.00)

Inner Power Masterclass With Lifetime Access ($1795.00)

Arthritis program for Family only ($1495.00)

Total Value $10,565.00

Certificate Upon Completion

Limited Spots Available!

Your Investment $5,995.00 NZD

(time payment is available upon request

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Here's What Some Of My Clients Are Saying About Their 2-Point Healing Experience.

"I've been struggling with Arthritis in my hands for the past 4 months. Loss of feeling, strength in my right hand and had an aching discomfort (bearable pain) in my left wrist. I would wake up 2 to 3 times a night with pain that would travel up my arm to my elbow and constant numbness in three of my fingers. After one session with Greg the discomfort in my left wrist was completely gone. I had feeling back in my right hand down to the last knuckle, only the tips of my fingers had numbness. I went home that night feeling like I had a new body. It was weightless, I was so relaxed and energised. I just felt pretty damn good. I went to bed that night and slept through the whole night. My body just felt alive, younger, healthy, new, my body wasn’t BROKEN. Thanks Greg you have revitalised my whole well-being in a natural way, something that is true to my heart. Look forward to our next sessions."
Marlene, Nelson

"I've been having upper back pain for weeks and after one healing session with Greg, the pain went away instantly. I felt really light. Now, a week later, if I feel a hint of a niggle I find myself expecting it to hurt again but it just doesn't! It's AMAZING. Melissa, Motueka

"I have recently taken both my boys to see Greg who have both suffered from sports injuries. Greg was really fantastic explaining how he works with the body to aid in the healing process. My eldest son calls him a Jedi Master and both couldn’t believe the improvements in their injuries after just one visit. If you want to try something different in your life, Greg is definitely worth going to see." Kelly, Motueka

"My shoulder and body are always tense and ready for more stress. I had pain in my left wrist and right shoulder, but with just a short visit to Greg, he was able to alleviate most of the pain that was present. Today, we had a longer session that cleared my entire body and chakras, followed by a recode of my mindset. I feel extremely relaxed but I've been lifted from any unwanted negative energy. I am eagerly looking forward to doing more of this over time and working on addressing other areas I would love to improve." Shushila, Auckland

"I'm a person set in her ways. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia all through my body which has left me with limited movement and pain for many years. Three weeks ago I had a lot of inflammation pain in my fingers and let Greg see what he could do. Within a few minutes the burning pain had gone and I was able to bend my fingers. I had a session with Greg for the rest of my aches and pains, now I am without pain and in need of any medication, and I'm able to bend down and touch my toes. Thanks Greg, I would like to thank you very much for your skill and knowledge. It just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks!!" Debbie, Nelson