Become A Powerful Creator By Harnessing The Power Of Your Intuition and Inner Genius.


Create longevity of life with less pain and frustration by rewiring your brain and your body's energy to have more joy and peace, better health and vitality, financial abundance and healthier relationships.

Healing and Advanced Conscious Education.

I guide clients to remove their self sabotaging, limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, depression and high stress and move them into a life of less pain and more satisfaction, better health and financial abundance.

“If we focus on what we choose to create and leave the rest behind that’s when the magic really happens”.

We have just launched our own Inner Power Certification in this modality so you can add it to what you're currently doing or maybe you want to start your own online coaching business.

These programs can be delivered in a group environment or individually.  Each program is tailored to have you go from problem solving to pure creation. From a life of pain and regret to living a life you love.

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My Story.

You were born to create.

Since I was a child I knew that my journey in life would be based around serving others through consciousness and wellbeing. After struggling to feel comfortable in my own skin for years, I finally decided to do something about it and the journey of self discovery totally changed my life.

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What My Clients Say About Their Transformation Experiences


"I was trying to find my feet after experiencing sudden loss and in turn crippling grief. After working with Greg for 12 weeks I have experienced huge shifts in many areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Greg".

- Ria, New Zealand

- Darney, New Zealand

"Before meeting Greg, I was bound by monthly injections to suppress my immune system, battling the relentless pain of Ankylosing Spondylitis. My life was confined by limitations, restricted movement, and constant pain, overshadowing any sense of normalcy. However, through Greg's guidance and expertise, I've experienced a transformation. Today, I move with greater freedom, filled with positive thoughts and newfound confidence. The chains of medication and pain relief are no longer necessary as I embrace a life unencumbered by the grip of chronic illness. Greg's support has been instrumental in reclaiming my health and vitality, marking a journey from restriction to empowerment."

"WOW after my session I noticed a shift in my internal thinking and my self talk shifted to 'I am worthy and capable'. This session was so empowering. So powerful!"

- Juniper, USA

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Heal Your Body Naturally

The reality is every pain has energy attached to it, otherwise we wouldn't feel it. It's the body's response to letting you know it needs to be released/healed. Once we move our focus from pain to a healthier body, the body simple corrects itself.  Just like a cut heals on your finger, healing has a process. Once we tap into the power of that process, the healing magic happens.

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Private Coaching Session 65% Off.

Experience a private 1-on-1 session with Greg via Zoom or in-person. Bring what you want to create and shift your biggest internal block.

Whether you have a fear of public speaking, or a form of anxiety or depression, reach out for a confidential session which will include a Superconscious Recode or another powerful process to remove what is holding you back and keeping you stuck. 

Save Over 65% on a 1-on-1 Session Today!

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Remove Arthritis Naturally & Fast

This online programme sits perfectly alongside the powerful 2-Point Healing Process that gets results fast, is scientifically proven and is backed up by outstanding customer results. 

Let's get you back doing the things you love so you can live a more happier and fulfilling life.

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Inner Power Masterclass.

Let me show you how to tap into the power of your principles to connect to the Superconscious part of yourself and release everything and anything that is holding you back and keeping yourself stuck.

Join our like minded private group of creators, with live weekly calls, meditations, workbooks and a ton of recorded content. This is a solid life changing program.

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