Are You Ready To Shift Your Biggest Internal Block.


The SUPERCONSCIOUS RECODE™ Is The Fastest Way To Remove Toxic Emotions and Limiting Beliefs.


Despite What You Tell Yourself - You Are Not Broken. 

You must shift your emotions and feelings around memories that don't serve you, so you can have more of what you want. For example better health and wellbeing, loving relationships, more money or maybe it's less of what you don't want fear, anxiety, worry and frustration. 

The Superconscious Rapid Recode process rewires the brain in only minutes without having to talk about it. It's simple, fast and natural.

Experience a one off session to see how this work can guide you to live a happier life with more joy and peace.

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(Duration approximately 60 minutes)

NORMALLY $399.00       NOW $169.00

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The Superconscious Recode Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World......The Question is, Are YOU Next??


"3 sessions with Greg and I honestly feel such a big improvement in my overall state and wellbeing. Huge shifts! Noticeable reduction in pain levels and my energy levels are also returning. I feel empowered to go after my dreams and step into my highest timeline. Greg is a wizard, his work is literal magic. I only wish I'd found him sooner!" Ava, New Zealand

"We were stuck in a rut and very unsure of our next steps in life. With Greg's help we have a more clearer, balanced way of looking at everything now. We would highly recommend this process to anyone. Thank you very much for everything." Dwayne & Tracey, New Zealand

"WOW after my session I noticed a shift in my internal thinking and my self talk shifted to 'I am worthy and capable'. This session was so empowering. So powerful!" Juniper, USA

"I was trying to find my feet after experiencing sudden loss and in turn crippling grief. After working with Greg for 12 weeks I have experienced huge shifts in many areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Greg."  Ria, New Zealand

"Greg has guided me to a better place in life. It was like being born into a new life, there is much more positivity and happiness in my life. Greg helped me let go of my self-limiting beliefs, and the almost-constant anxiety. I am grateful to have Greg in my life." Charlie, New Zealand 

"I had a private recode session with Greg and it was mind blowing!! During the session I really felt the resistance go out of my body. It was incredible!" Beatriz, Germany

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